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· iPS Cell Enabling Transcription Factors with PTDs

IPS Cell Enabling Transcription Factors With PTDs

The top scientific story for 2008 is about induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells). Human or animal somatic cells were reprogrammed to become iPS cells in vitro by exogenous expression of multiple genes. These genes were introduced into somatic cells for reprogramming either through plasmid transfection or viral vector infection. The products of the genes are transcription factors, such as KLF4, SOX2, LIN28, OCT4, C-MYC, and NANOG. However, by changing and adding the genetic information in the somatic cells, the produced iPS cells have the tendency to become cancerous and are not suitable for patients. Moreover, the risk of modifying target cell genome also precludes the use of such generated iPS cells in clinical settings.

Using our proprietary protein refolding technology, we have successfully developed and produced iPS cell-enabling transcription factors-now with protein transduction domains (PTDs): Oct4-PTD, Sox2-PTD, Klf4-PTD, and C-MYC-PTD. This exciting achievement provides stem cell researchers worldwide a brand new approach to generating iPS cells that does not require genetic manipulation, or exposing the cells to viral vectors or plasmids. Once added to culture medium, these proteins are capable of entering into cells and carrying out the reprogramming process. When the transformation process is complete, the proteins can be withdrawn from the cell environment, leaving no effects on the cells' genetic makeup.

Besides iPSC generating proteins, we also provide other transducible transcription factor proteins. Below is a list of proteins available from us.

· Transducible transcription factor proteins

  • Ascl1
  • Brn2
  • C/EBPβ
  • c-Myc
  • Dlx2
  • Foxp3
  • Foxo1
  • Foxo3
  • Gata4
  • Klf4
  • Lhx2
  • Lin28
  • MafA
  • Mef2c
  • Nanog
  • Neurod6
  • Ngn2
  • Ngn3
  • NKX-2.2
  • NKX-2.5
  • NKX-6.1
  • NPAS4
  • Oct4
  • Pdx-1
  • PRDM16
  • Satb2
  • Sox2
  • Tbx5
  • Zic1
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