Company Overview

We are an emerging biotech company established to commercialize a disruptive innovation in regenerative medicine. The new technology platform is called In Vivo Cell Reprogramming, or IVR. Using a combination of protein drugs, we can directly convert one type of cells to another type of cells inside patients’ bodies. For example, in one application, liver cells can be converted to beta cells to treat diabetes. IVR combines the advantages of drug-based and cell-based therapies while avoiding the shortfalls of both. We are applying IVR to several disease areas, including diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and stroke.

Located at orange county, California, VivoScript has established extensive collaboration network within the international academia and research community to advance the IVR technology platform. Our mission is to develop affordable, practical, and effective therapeutics for the most devastating and difficult diseases.


“Rewriting the script of life: reprogramming cells, curing diseases”